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Poetry, a popular Python package manager, prefers to use keyring to manage passwords for private code repositories. Storing passwords in plain text is a secondary option, but may be needed in case of either issues in poetry itself or with keyring configuration (may not be properly installed, be locked etc). To disable the use of system keyring by poetry, set the null backend in the environmental variable PYTHON_KEYRING_BACKEND:

(.venv) azureuser@sense-mskorski:~/projects/test_project$ export PYTHON_KEYRING_BACKEND=keyring.backends.null.Keyring
(.venv) azureuser@sense-mskorski:~/projects/test_project$ poetry config http-basic.private_repo *** '' -vvv
Loading configuration file /home/azureuser/.config/pypoetry/config.toml
Loading configuration file /home/azureuser/.config/pypoetry/auth.toml
Adding repository test_repo (https://***) and setting it as secondary
No suitable keyring backend found
No suitable keyring backends were found
Keyring is not available, credentials will be stored and retrieved from configuration files as plaintext.
Using a plaintext file to store credentials

Analogously, one of working backends can be enabled (make sure it works correctly!) . This is how to list available backends:

(.venv) azureuser@sense-mskorski:~/projects/test_project$ keyring --list-backends
keyring.backends.chainer.ChainerBackend (priority: -1) (priority: 0)
keyring.backends.SecretService.Keyring (priority: 5)

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