Evidence-based quick wins in reducing oil demand

10-point action plan on cutting the oil demand by IEA.

Following the Russia invasion on Ukraine an oil supply shock is expected and what is worse there may be no supply increase from OPEC+ . A way out is to cut the demand as advised by IEA. The proposed steps are quick-wins: easy to implement and reverse while having measurable and significant impact. The overall impact should balance the supply gap.

Quantitative estimates can be backed with empirical or even statistical evidence. A good example is the speed reduction, as recent research advances demonstrate quantitatively what drivers learn by experience: fuel consumption considerably increases with speed beyond a turning point. Turning this statement around: you can likely save lots of petrol driving at a lower speed. The study of He at al. finds cubic approximations fit well and enables several optimisation considerations for various groups of car users.

Source: “Study on a Prediction Model of Superhighway Fuel Consumption Based on the Test of Easy Car Platform”, He at al.

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